ASU Prep Digital 


Prep for college. Prep for careers. Prep for life.

Students at this innovative digital high school are on an accelerated path toward university admission and careers of the future. We combine the high school and college experiences, empowering students to take university courses and start earning credit in their major.  

The innovation is in the integration.

ASU Prep Digital is part of ASU, the university ranked #1 in the U.S. for innovation. Students have access to a wealth of resources, including mentorship and instruction from a world-class faculty that includes Nobel Laureates, MacArthur Fellows and Pulitzer Prize winners.

ASU Prep Digital serves schools, districts and states.

We are committed to helping schools maximize the talent and resources so all students can realize their full potential.


  • Minimize the impact of staff shortages by offering online instruction from highly qualified teachers in all subject areas.

  • Embed the university experience into high school through 100+ online courses taught by ASU faculty.


  • Empower local teachers by licensing online high school courses for blended learning or personalization of the student experience.

  • Prepare students for college and future careers using rigorous college-prep Cambridge International courses.


  • Offer face-to-face and web based training to develop or improve blended, hybrid and online school programs.

  • Leverage ASU’s best practice resources and customized professional development sessions to design blended and virtual learning labs.

ASU Prep Digital serves part-time and full-time students.

  • We offer 40+ online high school and 100+ online university courses, many available for concurrent high school/college credit.

  • Students work online, any time, from anywhere in the world.

  • Adaptive learning technologies personalize the coursework and allow students to move at their own pace.

  • Students collaborate online with teachers and classmates using video, audio and text.

  • Course projects are infused with activities designed to identify and improve leadership skills and foster entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Fully accredited by AdvancedEd

  • NCAA Approved

Unique teaching model.

We support students on all sides, in a coordinated effort to personalize the learning for each student.

  • Teachers deliver live, online, small-group instruction and provide one-on-one academic assignment feedback.

  • Professors present video lectures, moderate discussion groups and provide online tutoring.

  • Learning Success Coaches monitor student progress, communicate with parents, and help students set goals and plan for college and careers.

  • Parents are a key part of our model, assisting with emotional support, progress monitoring, and college and career planning.

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Forward thinking.

ASU Prep Digital is exploring new educational models and working with ASU’s various innovation labs to prototype next generation learning technologies.   

  • Virtual reality
    Students travel to places they may never have the opportunity to experience.
  • Augmented reality
    Students interact with influential characters from literature, science and history.
  • Blockchain
    Student’s save meaningful learning experiences in a portfolio that will follow them along their educational journey.
  • Game-based testing
    We reduce testing anxiety by immersing students in the experience and assessing them as they learn.
  • Personalized learning
    Our mastery-based model uses machine learning to dynamically deliver personalized content based on student learning preferences.
  • Micro-credentialing
    Students earn fractional high school and university credits when their academic work aligns across disciplines.
  • 24/7 AI tutoring
    We’re developing AI teaching assistants that respond to student audio cues and academic trends, making suggestions for re-teaching or advanced work based on machine learning patterns.

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Chief Business Relations Officer


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Deputy Vice President of Education Outreach


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• 40+ online high school courses

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