Collaborative Opportunities with the DLC

The DLC has a number of opportunities for collaboration listed and explained below. Let us know if you and/or your organization is interested in collaborating: 

Blog posts and news items - The DLC invites contributors to provide blog posts for the DLC blog. DLC typically posts six blog posts per month and several news items as well. What do we look for regarding content for blog posts? Posts should be between 600 and 750 words, practice-oriented, related to online, blended, and/or digital learning, conversational rather than academic writing (though we do welcome and encourage the inclusion of research), and not self-promotional/marketing in nature. Since the length of the blog post is only between 600-750 words, keep take-aways to one to two concrete, practice-based concepts. 

Podcasts - The DLC produces about 10 podcasts per year  on a given topic of interest in the field. The podcast series is called "Critical Conversations in Digital Learning." These range from single speaker (10-15 minutes) to panel-style podcasts (20-30 minutes). The first podcast was published on the DLC SoundCloud Channel in August of 2019. 

Newsletter - The DLC publishes a monthly newsletter to share opportunities for collaboration and links to recent publications, including reports, podcasts, and blog posts. Sign up here to receive the newsletter.

Translational Research Initiative (TRI) - TRI is the research division of the DLC, along with the Fellows Program, which is shared in the next item. TRI is not funded by member fees; instead, it is funded through grant funding that the DLC is written into by other organizations. When other organizations are applying for funding through grant opportunities, the DLC, if included as a line item in the grant funding budget, would help by providing research support, connecting the organization to researchers and/or participants, and/or provide dissemination services (based on contract of services). 

DLC Fellows Program - This is an opportunity for the community (both members and non-members) to be involved in studies the DLC is conducting and reports it is writing. Each year, the DLC creates a publications roadmap that it works on throughout the year, and that roadmap can change as the year goes on based on the needs of the members specifically and the field at large. Based on the DLC’s capacity (through Evergreen Education Group researchers), DLC may ask others to help with these publications.

DLC membership - All of the opportunities above do not require organizations to be members. More information about membership are shared in the Overview, Benefits, and Levels pages on the DLC website.

Digital Learning Annual Conference (DLAC) - The inaugural event was last year, and the second one is scheduled for February 24-26 in 2020, in Austin, Texas. This conference is a great way to have conversations with stakeholders in the field around digital, online, and blended learning. Call for proposals for the conference is open until September 23rd. 

Snapshot report - Snapshot is an annual report of the Digital Learning Collaborative and will be released each year at the Digital Learning Annual Conference (DLAC). Each year, there are opportunities to contribute to the Snapshot that will be shared via the DLC Newsletter.

At the Digital Learning Annual Conference, the research community hosts the Research Community Meeting, which is a free gathering of anyone who is interested in research in the field of K-12 digital, online, and blended learning. RSVP for the event is required as there is limited space in the room provided by the conference. There are also opportunities to publish through open access journals since DLAC does not publish conference proceedings. Facilitators of the Research Community Meeting vary each year, and invitations for these opportunities are shared out through email approximately six to eight months prior to the conference.

The DLC is also open for opportunities not listed above, so if you have ideas for collaboration, please feel free to reach out to us at