District Use Cases

Updated June 25, 2019

Featured on this page is a set of use cases for online, blended, and digital learning in a mainstream district context. Each use case is characterized based on:

  • An educational goal–Examples of goals include increasing graduation rates, increasing course opportunities for students, improving math achievement, and closing equity gaps.

  • A strategy for reaching the goal–Examples of strategies include offering new instructional tools and methods, and adding online courses to fill gaps in courses available.

  • An operational description that briefly describes the tasks implemented to achieve the strategy. This may include the people/positions involved, as well as online tools, resources, and instructional methods.

  • A summary of the district’s status relative to the educational goal.

Note that a district online or blended program does not in itself define a use case. Many use cases, however, may describe an online or blended program that was created to solve an educational goal. In addition, although online and blended programs may be addressing multiple use cases, for the purposes of this page, we focus on a single use case.