Idaho Digital Learning Alliance

Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA) was created by the Idaho State Legislature (Title 33, Chapter 55 Idaho Code, 2002) and Idaho educators, developed for Idaho students, and is recognized as a leader across the nation in online virtual education. IDLA was created to provide access, equity, opportunity, and flexibility for students in the state of Idaho and enables the state to meet its constitutional requirement to provide a uniform and thorough educational system. IDLA, the online state school, provides all Idaho school districts with highly qualified teachers, online courses, virtual services, and eLearning expertise for the state in online virtual education policy, procedure, and implementation.

It is the Idaho Digital Learning Alliance’s mission to improve the quality of learning through innovative solutions, collaborative relationships and the access and application of educational technology.

IDLA provides high quality programs and resources to the state by collaborating with many national, state and local partners. Nationally, IDLA have many partners that they work with in order to bring best practices and high quality resources back to the programs that serve Idaho students.

IDLA is a leader in providing services to rural districts to ensure equity, access, and opportunity. IDLA rural leadership provides custom solutions for districts addressing teacher shortage, hard-to-fill positions, course catalog expansion, and digital services.

IDLA provides quality, timely offerings for educators throughout the state. IDLA’s partnerships with other organizations and the expertise of our internal staff provide quality outcomes for the academic success of Idaho’s students.

The Idaho Digital Learning Alliance’s professional development program includes a statewide learning consortium which offers online courses and content, training, planning services, and technology to support Idaho school districts and schools interested in implementing different learning approaches. Through the connection with our professional development team and implementation specialists, schools have access to resources that are critical to re-envisioning the classroom. The consortium makes it possible for teachers to build and share content statewide, making learning programs cost-effective for a district.

Professional Development is personalizing to the need of the individual teacher, the grade level, content area, school or district.

IDLA has over a decade of experience training Idaho teachers in best practices and research based teaching strategies for online, mastery/competency, blended, and hybrid programs. As a national leader in Virtual Learning our model focuses on best practices, pedagogy, content, and the application of technologies that support effective teaching. Idaho Digital Learning employes a personalized learning focus for the educators to learn through the model of practice they are implementing in their own classroom. Professional development can be delivered in a traditional face-to-face setting, online classroom or blended format depending on the needs of the educators, schools, or districts.

IDLA works in partnership with, STEM Action Center, Micron Foundation, and ITC to promote the training of educators and the Hour of Code which celebrates Computer Science. These  partnerships provide educators throughout K - 12 an opportunity to receive professional development in the area of Computer Science. Educators are invited to participate in different opportunities depending on their grade level and certification areas.

IDLA enables districts, schools, education entities, and other bodies to have ownership of their digital sharing and learning. This expertise led IDLA to program, design and build individualized district/school portals for use in education, government and industry. The custom portals offer students, educators and other users the opportunity to access online courses, resources, and more in a single easy-to-use location while allowing local control over their student's online experience. The portal platform implements single-sign-on (SSO) for Idaho users, allowing for users to sign in once and have access to a multitude of resources, including registration to courses as well as direct SSO access to the professional development courses, student courses, and resources.

Due to the success of district/school portals, IDLA has engaged in partnerships with other state entities to develop portals to assist with additional statewide implementations. State, regional, and local professional development opportunities can be accessed by educational professionals seeking to find professional development opportunities.





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