Member Benefits

The DLC is a membership group dedicated to exploring, producing, and disseminating data, information, best practices, news, and research in digital learning. Our current members include school districts, intermediate units, public agencies, non-profit organizations, and companies. The Evergreen Education Group manages the Collaborative.

Member benefits include:

  • Guiding the activities and reporting of the DLC, via monthly strategy conference calls, ongoing email discussions, and conversations with Evergreen and other national and international researchers. DLC members determine the topics that we explore, via monthly web meetings and individual discussions. Activities include reports and resources, regular blog posts, podcasts, and webinars, all designed to support the K-12 digital learning field.

  • Sharing information and networking among members. Currently, much of the information sharing is informal, but we are looking at ways to increase the formal networking opportunities among members.

  • A listing on the DLC website and the opportunity to create a DLC member page on the site.

  • A range of benefits associated with the Digital Learning Annual Conference (DLAC), including:

    • Priority opportunities to be on the Conference Advisory Board and the Program Committee, including being listed on the conference website.

    • Bundled pricing such that DLC members receive a 10% reduction in conference sponsorship and exhibiting fees.

  • Being go-to sources for media inquiries received by the DLC and Evergreen Education Group for reporters, researchers, and others seeking examples of case studies, best practices, advise, etc.

  • Opportunities to participate in research through the Fellows Program and TRI (Translational Research Initiative, the research division of the DLC).

The Collaborative activities are supported financially by annual membership fees paid by providers, depending on the type and size of the member organization as explained on the Membership Levels page.

Members’ involvement in the DLC 

DLC strategies and priorities are driven by members in the following ways:

  • Members designate two people as official representatives to the DLC.

  • These two people are welcome to join monthly phone/web meetings and in asynchronous discussions via the Basecamp project management and communications platform.

  • Phone/web meetings are held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for one hour, during the fourth week of each month. The same discussion topics are covered both times in the week to allow as many members as possible to take part.

  • DLC documents are posted to Basecamp to allow for easy and ongoing access by members at any time.

  • Members may choose to take part in resource development (reports, web pages, blog posts, etc.) to the extent that they would like and based on their interest in a particular topic.

  • Members are welcome to engage with DLC staff on topics for deeper discussion, by email or individual phone conversations.

All aspects of member involvement in the DLC described above are welcomed by DLC staff and are voluntary. We do not require any time commitment from members. However, we find that members who take part in more calls and discussions tend to be more satisfied with the DLC because they feel a greater level of investment.