Membership Levels

Standard membership: $25,000

This level applies to all companies and any other organizations not covered below

Public agency membership: $12,500

This level is for public agencies other than traditional school districts

Schools, districts, and intermediate units

This level is for individual schools, districts, and intermediate units that are enrolling students in some capacity, such as the schools operated by some California County Offices of Education. This level does not apply to charter school networks. Annual fees are based on the enrollment of the school or district, with accommodations for small programs within big districts.

Enrollment                              Annual fee

0 - 999                                     $1,500

1000 - 4999                             $2,000

5000 - 9999                           $2,500

10K - 49K                                 $3,000

50K - 99K                                $4,000

100K+                                      $5,000

In-kind membership

In rare cases the DLC may grant a membership to organizations that are contributing substantial research effort towards published reports and web pages.


Annual memberships are for one year from July 1 to June 30. Memberships may start at any point in the year; the new member will be charged a pro-rated fee for the months leading up to July 1.