QM Quality Matters

Helping You Deliver on Your Online Promise

With online learning, everyone has a goal. Learners need to improve and grow. You work to nurture them with well-conceived, well-designed, well-presented courses and programs. Our goal — as a non-profit, quality assurance organization — is to provide a system to help you deliver on that promise: with review, improvement and certification of quality.

The QM Quality Assurance System — Deliver the Promise

Continuous. Centered. Collegial. Collaborative. QM Quality Assurance relies on these core principles to create a culture of continuous improvement so you deliver on your promise day after day, semester after semester. Keeping learners engaged is different in online courses. Getting them past the “packaging”— the mechanics of the course — so they can focus on content and learning objectives can be a challenge. That’s where our research-based Rubrics and Standards really shine: they provide objective, evidence-based ways to evaluate the components of online learning.

Rubrics and Standards — Frame the Promise

General Standards and Specific Review Standards are the benchmarks for evaluating the design of online and blended courses. Research-based, grounded in best-practices and fully annotated, these standards are the keys to achieving the goals of ensuring quality for learners — and for you to deliver on your promise to them. Paid membership gives you access to the annotated Rubric and Standards relevant to your online learning courses or continuing and professional education training. You can even build your own Rubric to conduct a Custom Review. QM K-12 Standards for Course Design are designed to help you ensure the quality of locally developed courses or those adapted with significant change from publisher content. In partnership with the Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance, we’re working on revised National Standards for Quality Online Learning (Programs, Teaching, and Courses).

Expert Peer Course Review — Expand the Promise

When you see the QM-Certification Mark on courses, it means they met QM Standards through a rigorous review conducted by Certified QM Course Reviewers. Whether your district is developing your own courses locally, or choosing to purchase courses from a provider, the QM-Certification mark can help keep you on track to deliver your promise to learners. Through a system of collaboration and targeted feedback, courses that go through an Official QM Course Review receive focused documentation that highlights strengths and notes areas for improvement. While QM has developed many review tools to aid the improvement of courses, only an Official Review (either conducted by QM or by eligible member institutions) can result in QM Certification.

Comprehensive Professional Development — Reinforce the Promise

Our professional development is unique in that it supports what’s needed to deliver the promise of online learning: workshops for course improvement and using the QM Rubrics, QM certifications for reviewers, and workshops focused on teaching online. Our goal is to help educators broaden and develop their skill sets. Whether it’s improving or designing courses and programs, improving content delivery, updating materials...or earning a QM Certification as a reviewer or facilitator, we have a variety of professional development options for teams and individuals.


What people are saying

“In our time as subscribers, QM professional development has provided faculty with insight into their teaching styles and direction for our new course review, design and revision process.”

— Jamie Bugner, VirtualSC

“The courses I've taken through Quality Matters, (K-12 Reviewer, Applying the QM Rubric K-12 and K-12 Course Design) as well as my experience working on a QM Review team have had a huge impact on both the online and the face to face courses I teach.”

— Meg Graham, Wisconsin Virtual School

"Quality Matters has become a necessary framework for how we think about course design for our distance learning program."

— Joe Freidhoff, Michigan Virtual