StrongMind’s digital courseware is helping secondary schools improve academic outcomes to attract, retain and graduate more students

StrongMind’s next-generation courseware encompasses award-winning digital curriculum, leading edge assessments and advanced reporting and analytics. We invest a tremendous amount of resources to deliver superior content, design and functionality so schools can provide an unparalleled learning experience for their students.


StrongMind is going beyond today’s requirements and setting a new standard in digital curriculum quality, efficacy and student engagement.

  • Relevant content that gets automatically updated
  •  Highly captivating multimedia elements like video, virtual reality and interactive lessons
  • Formats that support varied learning preferences, 504 students and shorter attention spans

Smart Assessments

StrongMind courses include Galileo®K-12 Online Assessments that enable educators to harness the power of data to provide a more personalized education and drive improved academic outcomes.

  • Valid and reliable diagnostic, growth and proficiency data
  • Deeper insight into student growth and achievement
  • Third-party validation for StrongMind curriculum

Insights Reporting & Analytics

Schools and their teachers can easily access the student data needed to make better decisions, solve problems and maximize academic success.

  • Deliver a more personalized education
  • Provide instructional intervention when and where it’s needed most
  • Enable teachers to focus on instruction rather than administrative task


Our Digital Courseware Can Be Used For:

  •  Fully digital classes
  • Blended learning
  • Catching up on credits
  • Summer school
  • Textbook replacement


Take a look inside StrongMind:

We’ve earned 60+ awards for our courseware and curriculum including numerous Regional Emmy® Awards, EdTech Awards, Tellys and CODiEs. See for yourself how this Regional Emmy® Award winning video brings Newton and his first law of motion to life.


Results matter! See how StrongMind is driving continuously improving academic results in our interactive white paper on backward design.