Translational Research Initiative (TRI)

The Translational Research Initiative (TRI) serves as the research division of the DLC and supports research that has direct application to daily practice in the field.

Researchers and educators typically operate in separate silos. Although a few researchers break through to become relatively well-known by practitioners, few educators are aware of and use a wide range of cutting-edge research to inform their practice.

Similarly, researchers and policymakers also operate separately, and we believe that the TRI will support research that better informs policy related to digital learning. The DLC through TRI works with a range of researchers and organizations to support investigations into online, blended, and digital learning best practices and shares results in a digestible and applicable way so that practitioners can implement research-based strategies.

Specifically, TRI

  • Helps researchers shape study questions to optimize value to practitioners

  • Assists researchers in finding schools and districts to take part in studies

  • Supports the dissemination of findings to practitioners, media, and policymakers

  • Provides assistance to practitioners, media, and policymakers seeking information

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