Trio Wolf Creek

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Updated May 15, 2019

Established in 1996, as part of a local school district, in 2002 Trio Wolf Creek became a public charter school located in Chisago City, Minnesota, that serves students across the state. In March 2019, Trio Wolf Creek served 192 full-time students and 41 supplemental students, the majority of whom are White (98.4%). About 19% of students qualified for Free and Reduced Lunch, 15% had IEPs, and 85% were at-risk. Generally, about 80-85% of the students are full-time, and those who are part-time are enrolled in a traditional school and take one or two courses with Trio Wolf Creek. Most students who attend Trio Wolf Creek full-time are significantly behind on credits, and the staff works to close the gaps for those students.

The hybrid model consists of students working 100% online or combining online with up to two days of on campus work. This flexible model allows students to create a self-paced individualized learning program that best suits their needs. During online days—Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays—students access online curriculum and correspond with their teachers over email and through Google Hangouts. Trio Wolf Creek tries to make courses as asynchronous as possible because the families come to Trio Wolf Creek for the school’s flexibility. The school requires students to be online at specific times only for special education services, if needed.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., students can go to the physical building located in Chisago City. During that time, teachers are available to tutor students with their course work. While students are not required to be on campus, there are some instances where teachers will encourage students who are falling behind to attend to get additional support. Some students choose to come because of the up-to-date computers and good Internet access as well as social aspects. At times, some parents require their child to attend for accountability purposes, especially if a student has been truant. According to school data, about 60-70% of students attend at least one of the on campus days every week.

Teachers serve as academic advisors also known as Learning Managers who manage students’ learning to make sure students are getting the support they need to move forward in their courses, help create and monitor the students Individual Graduation Plan, and keep track of the student’s log, which is where all student information is located. On Fridays, Learning Managers send out personal notes to let students and their parents know where the student is and where the most work is needed. Trio Wolf Creek also offers vocation and transition assistance, including internships and externships, and a robust mental health care support team, including a mental health specialist, part-time guidance counselor, student resource officer, and police officer, for their social emotional and behavioral well-being. Some students live too far away or have other obligations, such as children, work, or health issues, so these students tend to not come to the physical building at all. For these students, Trio Wolf Creek is working to figure out a way to offer an online version of the services they provide during their onsite days.

This profile was developed through correspondence with Tracy Quanstrom of Trio Wolf Creek.

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